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Is it possible to lose an inch in as little as a week ?

Honestly Supergirls, with the right routine, you could probably lose more! 😏 The main thing is consistency when sculpting your dream bod.

Become A Supergirl Today

At home, by the beach, part of your outfit… Superwaisted anytime, anywhere

FYI, Superwaisted is a great way to snatch your body back into shape after giving birth. Postpartum bodies are beautiful!

We help boost your confidence so that you can step out into the world as the badass SUPERGIRL you are!!

The perfect underarmour doesn't exist?

In Korea, the S-line body trend has made waves across the entertainment industry. Gone are the days where stick thin body types are the ideal. Kpop artists with curvy figures like Jessi and Hwasa outshine with their charisma and sex appeal.

But did you know that the S-line figure is achievable through waist training? It cinches your waist while keeping the rest of your voluptuousness. Our DUCHESS does exactly that. Notice those hip panels? They’re made for extra curvature 😉💖

Instant Slimming Effect

The Superwaisted Waist Trainer is intended to be tight and close-fitting, especially for a newbie! But it enables you to fit into a smaller size of clothing while wearing our Superwaisted Waist Trainer (and after regular use, to fit into that smaller size, even without the waist trainer!).

Super Girl Energy

Our Super Unique Superlatex Technology promises slimmer waists and fuller figures for everybody. Superwaisted is here to help you look better, feel better and be better.

Superwaisted Benefits

The Superwaisted Effect is INSTANT.

GUARANTEED 3-7CM OFF upon wearing the latex waist cincher. The Superwaisted waist trainer is also a great way to supplement your long-term slimming goals.

Choosing The Right Size

For optimum results, your Superwaisted should fit like a glove and should not cause any discomfort. The Superwaisted waist training corset will feel very tight the first time you put them on. No worries, soon it will feel loose as your curves becomes accustomed to it.

The first time you wear Superwaisted, wear it loosely for an hour or so before you start increasing the length of wear. It’s important to break in the garment before wearing it for long hours. Refer to our chart below to choose your SUPERWAISTED size!



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DUCHESS Waist Trainer/ Corset by Superwaisted

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Lolipop Pink Latex Waist Trainer / Corset by Superwaisted

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