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Celebrities & Waist Trainers

Which celebrity comes to mind when you think HOURGLASS FIGURE? We’re thinking Kim Kardashian, but did you know they achieved their body figure with the help of waist training? Kim Kardashian The founder of Skims and reality star, Kim Kardashian has gone viral for her perfect hourglass figure and risque photoshoots showing it off. It's no big surprise that she has incorporared waist training into achieving this. A testament that we should all add waist training into our daily life, isn't it?    Kylie Jenner We mostly grew up watching the Kardashians on MTV, Kylie Jenner's transformation has been pretty dramatic from a bratty teenager to becoming a hot young mum of Stormi, her glow up hasn't gone unnoticed. Ever...

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Before & After: Waist Trainers

 Need some light convincing to jump the gun and invest in yourself with a high-quality waist trainer such as our Superwaisted Lolly Waist Trainer? THIS IS YOUR SIGN. A little friendly FYI on how they function so effectively: High quality waist trainers are made with flat and spiral steel bones and a flat steel busk and lace up in the back that works overtime to continuously improve your hourglass figure with every wear. There will not be similar results from mere ‘fashion corsets’ sold at Victoria’s Secret. A high quality waist trainer will hug your curves, support your waist and improve posture so it will be well worth it to invest in THE RIGHT ONE, am I right ladies? Here...

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