5 Ways to Lose Weight QUICK with Waist Trainers

Deep look into how weight loss is accelerated by introducing a waist trainer to assist in cinching that torso for the ultimate dream body. Firstly, a waist trainer is like a body accessory that you need to invest in, just like adding in any health supplement or incorporating a healthy diet to your daily routine. That is exactly why you should opt for a high quality waist trainer/ corset body shaper such as our Superwaisted waist trainer.

Our bite-sized infographics were created to simplify the understanding process of how our signature waist trainers trump the others in the market.

Now we have the overview of how a Superwaisted waist trainer speeds up the process of losing weight, here are 5 ways to lose the stubborn extra inches off your waistline.

Limit Sugar Intake

This comes in conjunction with eating healthy habits. Have you ever noticed a sugar crash similar to a caffeine crash after the effects of consuming sugary foods? It's best to avoid going ham on the sweet tooth and get into a healthy diet, in moderation of course.

Move your Body

Incorporate regular exercise and a workout routine to see the most results in a shorter period of time. Lifting weights especially burns lots of calories and boosts your metabolism rate. Try going to the gym 3-4 times a week to hit a larger range of exercises, from upper core to full body burn workouts. If you’re relatively new to the fitness scene, there are always friendly trainers on site to help you with any enquiries and personalized fitness plans. Otherwise, regular cardio workouts like walking, jogging or cycling are also beneficial for weight loss and general health.

Drink Lots of Water

Staying hydrated is key to gaining that toned body after all your workouts. We need H2O to promote blood circulation into our muscles and regulate the higher breathing rate during exercises.

Up Your Protein Dose

Prefer protein shakes or consuming natural foods with protein? There’s a choice. Eating a recommended amount of protein is essential to preserve muscle mass during your weight loss journey. The average male needs 56-61 grams of protein per day whilst women need 46-75 grams per day. The consumption of protein also helps with reducing cravings of random snacks and help keep you feeling full for longer. Healthy protein sources include meat, fish and seafood, eggs WITH the yolk and plant based proteins such as beans, quinona and tofu to name a few.

Don’t Stop Believin’

Last but NOT least, create a routine wearing your Superwaisted waist trainer regularly. Guaranteed results as soon as you put it on and in several days of wear. Good luck and enjoy your waist training journey!


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