Effective Use of Waist Trainers for Beginners

Have ALL your workout efforts and strict diet routines failed to show any waist size reduction or difference to stubborn belly fat? It would be a good idea to incorporate a waist trainer to your life. They are known to fast-track weight loss around the abdomen area and increase fat burning rate.

The science behind this sped up fat burning process is that waist trainers induce thermogenesis by trapping heat around the abdomen, breaking down excess fats naturally during workouts at a faster rate. Regular users will achieve their desired hourglass figure quicker this way as waist trainers shape and control the tummy area. This explains why women who utilize waist trainers post-partum will return to their pre-pregnancy body frame in no time.

After understanding its scientific theory, we created our Superwaisted waist trainers with your health and your body in mind. To address a common question we get from our customers: “I’ve got my Superwaisted waist trainer ready, HOW DO I USE IT effectively on a daily basis?”.


PRE-WARNING: RESULTS CAN BE SEEN INSTANTLY (during wear) and AS SOON AS 4 DAYS of constant wear (without wearing).

  1. Finding the Perfect Superwaisted Fit

Firstly, adjust the fit of your waist trainer to your desired shape. This does not mean tighter is better. For optimum results, your Superwaisted should fit just like a glove and should not cause any discomfort. Do note that your waist training corset may feel very tight on first try as with all new routines, our bodies need to adjust accordingly to a new habit introduced.

  1. Setting time in your schedule to wear your waist trainer

After breaking into your new accessory, from wearing your Superwaisted trainer loosely for an hour during your first time before gradually increasing length of wear. It’s important to break in the garment before longer duration wear, regular wear includes up to 10 hours a day comfortably.

  1. Use As a Workout accessory

Other than wearing your waist trainer doing your usual daily activities, it would be even more effective for waist reduction to utilize it as a workout accessory. Imagine this, as you exercise your body produces more sweat to compensate for increased physical movement PLUS the inner compression around the waist area, your waist is in for the burn of its life (In a good way..) and will soon be in the best shape it’s ever been.

  1. Healthy Dieting

A great body comes with great responsibility and a healthy diet comes hand in hand with working out. When starting out with a waist trainer, you may experience a slight loss of appetite and this needs to be balanced with a healthier food intake. Remember to consume enough water during this time!

  1. Proper Care of Waist Trainer

You will love your Superwaisted waist trainer as much as we do, so you will want it to last as long as possible. It may be a good idea to store it properly by hanging it over a hanger with the inner lining facing outwards. This will allow the waist trainer to maintain its shape and freshness to fully breathe between wears. It is recommended to dry clean your waist trainer only so it is not accidentally damaged in the washing machine!


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