How to Conceal Belly Fat


Ah, belly fat… The bane of our existence yet so necessary to keep the female body healthy. However, while having a completely flat belly is the ideal for most of us, it might not be attainable overnight. That's where body shapers come in; to conceal and snatch you where you want while you put in the work to get better and tighter. Read on for some tips from us on how to conceal the pudge!

Clothing and Shapewear

Wear more flattering pants and bottoms. Most muffin tops are caused by pants that are tight and squeeze your waist in the wrong place. If you wear high-waist pants and skirts, they’ll stop at your natural waist, rather than around your hip bones. This is naturally more flattering because that’s the part of your figure that you actually will want your clothes to fit a little tighter on. It’s also best to choose bottoms that have a bit of stretch in the waist, which can be more forgiving.

Wear high-waist bottoms, and wear a layer underneath that holds everything in place and prevents the spillover effect. Camis, waist trainers and shaping panties are all effective garments (we’ll recommend our favourites below!).

Choose flowing or structured looks over tight-fitting dresses and tops. Unless you’re going for the bodycon look, most people look better in material that flows rather than clings. This is especially the case if you want to wear pants that don’t come up to the natural waist.

Emphasize your curves. Choose attire that draws attention to your bust, shoulders, legs or butt and away from your waist. You can enhance your look even further with shapewear underneath.

Wear an empire waist. Just as pants look better near your natural waist, an empire waist dress has the same effect. There are tons of cute styles with a waistline that sits just below the bust.

With its underbust design, you can pair it with your favourite bra while getting slimming and smoothing your whole torso. It stays in play with silicone bands and creates a seamless look under most styles.

Shaping Underwear: You wear panties every day anyway, so why not wear some that slim and enhance? Get a body shaper that fits comfortably under your everyday attire while trimming your tummy and eliminating love handles and muffin top. It has the added bonus of boosting your backside! Corsets are a great way to add shaping underwear as part of your staples.

Tummy Control Shapers: You can find shapewear of varying cuts and compression levels depending on your shaping needs. Some zero in on the midsection, while others are all-in-one shapers that target everything from your waistline to your butt, hips and thighs.

Muffin-Busting Leggings

One of the main offenders when it comes to causing muffin top is leggings. Even though they’re comfy, they’re also tight and can squeeze in the most unflattering ways.

That’s why shaping leggings are a must-have for your wardrobe, for workouts or for casual days. The right kind will keep your whole midsection in check, so you never have to worry about a muffin top peeking out. Our Peachy Lifting Pants will do just that so you don’t have to worry about being giggly in the gym. It snatches you tight, lifts you up and holds you together so you can fully focus on your fat-burning workout!