How To Wear A Waist Trainer?

Why You Should Wear a Waist Trainer?

Waist trainers have a whole bunch of benefits when it comes to shaping the body, but most people wear them today to achieve their fitness and body goals. An hourglass-shaped body is no longer a dream and is completely achievable with the help of a good waist trainer.

why you should wear a waist trainer?

Not only that, waist trainers offer a whole bunch of benefits when worn the right way. These benefits include improving posture, reducing appetite, forming good habits, and building discipline.

question to ask yourself before getting a waist trainer?

Questions to Ask Yourself Before Getting a Waist Trainer?

  • Did I take accurate measurements?
  • Did I read the size chart correctly?
  • Am I choosing the right garment for my body type?
  • Is my waist trainer beginner-friendly?
  • How fast do I want to size down?

putting on a waist trainer

Putting on a Waist Trainer

Getting a waist trainer may be confusing, especially if this practice is new to you. But keep reading on to learn how to make this all less confusing.

Before putting on the waist trainer, make sure you have the right side facing up. The tag is typically positioned at the top of the waist trainer. If the tag isn't at the top of the waist trainer, you can lay the waist trainer down, the widest part of the waist trainer will indicate that it’s the bottom side. To help put the waist trainer on, start with the bottom hook-and-eye closures at the slimmest part of your waist. Continue hooking the closures and gradually bring the waist trainer down into position. 

what to expect from waist trainer?

What to Expect?

It SHOULD feel very tight. You won’t be able to bend at the waist much or hunch. You will perspire a lot more under the waist trainer than anywhere else. This is normal and a good thing as that means that there is more fat burning in the area. However, while it is snug, the waist trainer should not pinch you or restrict your breathing. If that happens, it means that the waist trainer is not the right size for you. Take it off immediately if it feels like you are unable to breathe.

when to order a new waist trainer?

When to Order a New Waist Trainer?

After several months of regular use, it is normal for the waist trainer to lose some of its elasticity. Considering the fact that during this time, your waist will also likely shrink in size and be at least a size slimmer than it was at the beginning of your journey. If the waist trainer feels loose even on its tightest setting, then it’s time for a new one, Supergirl!

If you wear our Lollipop and are keen on leveling up, you could either opt for a smaller size or go for Duchess, which was made for extra snatching. But remember, only level up if you are sure that your body can handle it!