Real And Fake Waist Trainers

When it comes to differentiating authentic waist trainers from their fake counterparts, beginners might have a hard time. However, with aiming to get an amazing figure and snatched waist, an authentic, real waist trainer is the only way to go. They not only give you permanent head-turning, jaw-dropping results but they can also be used to instantly give your body the WOW factor. Just try wearing one under your everyday clothes and simply wait for the compliments to start rolling in, or when used for a longer period of time on a strict daily regimen to give you permanent and lasting results. You will definitely want to use an authentic waist trainer–you definitely want one that’s been properly made using the best quality fabrics, boning and cords. 

Here is how to ensure you don’t end up picking a fake

How to ensure you don’t end up picking a fake?

Check the Boning

Authentic waist trainers require proper steel boning to ensure that they have the optimal strength to support your body and cinch you in as tight as comfortably possible. Make sure the waist trainer has a mixture of flat and spiral steel bones. There should be around 6-20 spiral steel bones around the bodice - depending on your waist training level - and four flat steel bones nearer to the back. The flat steel bones provide extra support when it comes to tightening the corset cord. Spiral steel bones offer greater flexibility and can curve to the natural shape of your body. 

Keep it Simple

Gorgeous designs, fancy embellishments, and extra added details might be what catch your eye but authentic waist training isn’t about all these over-the-top styles. They’re intended to be worn working out, or under clothing, so you should be looking for styles that are plain or more functional. Remember, they are supposed to sit snugly and smoothly under even the tightest clothing.

Check the Fabric

Authentic waist training corsets use fabric with very minimal stretch. So the waist trainers you should be looking out for are the ones made from cotton, latex, and brocade. The fabric needs to be strong enough to endure tension created from the fastening and breathable so your skin is as comfortable as possible underneath. Also, make sure that you check the quality of the stitching as ideally, waist trainers need to be double-stitched for extra durability so that they’re as sturdy as possible even when you’re on the tightest setting. 

So now you know what you should look out for, let’s dive into what you should avoid

What you should avoid?

Plastic Boning

If you’re intending to waist train, you’ll get nowhere fast with a corset that has plastic boning installed. Plastic snaps very easily—especially when it’s met with any amount of tension. You’ll find that plastic boning is common in fashion corsets designed for show but you should never find them in a quality waist trainer. 

Stretchy Fabric and Adornments

If you want to ensure the corset is made for authentic waist training and the lifestyle that comes with it, you will need to steer clear of these two factors. Manmade satins and laces are no good when it comes to being the main material for a waist trainer as they just could never offer enough strength. That being said, make sure the fastening of your waist trainer isn’t one that requires any tying (like a corset). It should be one with hooks to ensure that the waist trainer can hold your midriff in even through vigorous movement if you wear it to the gym.


There is no denying the fact that everyone and their mother loves a bargain but in the world of waist training, you will definitely need to expect to spend a little bit of money in order to get an item of quality. Cheap waist trainers are made out of cheap components and they generally point to a fake. Look at it this way, it’s an investment; if you get a quality waist trainer, it will last you far longer than if you got a cheap one and have to keep replacing it. Moreover, a good waist trainer will give you fast results and a decent level of comfort when you’re training on a daily. Over here at SUPERWAISTED, you can expect great quality for its price. Oh, and did we mention? Our waist trainers are also hypoallergenic so you don’t have to worry about your skin getting majorly irritated even with the heat and friction!

So, with all these factors in mind, you should now be equipped with all the information you need to know exactly what to look for in your search for a real, authentic waist trainer. Just remember; check for steel boning, non-stretchy material, minimal adornments and hook fastenings. Or, you know, you could come to SUPERWAISTED and get our LOLLIPOP or DUCHESS waist trainers. Quality will never be a concern, we guarantee!