Shapewear for Every Outfit


Is shapewear just for special occasions, or is it better suited for everyday apparel? The answer is—both! Shapewear comes in many styles and can enhance any body shape for any occasion, so you can feel confident and sexy whether you’re relaxing at home, working at the office or showing off at a special event. Choose your ideal shapewear based on your target areas and the occasion you’re dressing for.

If you need inspiration, check out these shapewear solutions for your wardrobe and discover the perfect shapers for every outfit. You’ll never have to wonder what to wear again!


Who doesn’t love relaxing in their favourite pair of jeans and a t-shirt or flirty top? This is a look that you can wear at home but also dresses up easily with a pair of heels and some flashy accessories.

There are a few ways to use shapewear for a stunning look in your casual attire:

Waist trainers: create a flattering figure with one simple garment that creates powerful slimming. Our Duchess and Lollipop waist trainers look great paired with a fashionable fit.

Shaping panties: eliminate muffin top, flatten your stomach and create a smooth midsection. You’re going to be wearing panties anyway, so why not wear some that enhance your figure? 

Shaping camis: create a smooth foundation for any layered look. 

Butt-lifting jeans: did you know that you don’t even need shapewear with the right shaping garments? Butt-lifting jeans are Brazilian-style stretch denim pants that control your waistline and enhance your natural curves. 


Going to the gym is a lot more fun (not to mention you feel more motivated) when you’re wearing figure-flattering gym clothes. Workout shapewear not only makes you look sexy but enhances your workout too.

Workout bands: these types of waist trainers are designed to withstand rigorous movement and enhance your workout. The Lollipop waist trainer focuses heat on your core and ramps up perspiration, giving you a more effective workout while slimming your midsection up to several inches.

Workout shaping leggings: achieve a firmer butt and control your thighs and hips with workout leggings that will give you the shape and compression support you need. Designed to shape your waist, hips, butt and thighs, the Peachy Shaping Pants use comfortable compression, advanced seaming and thermal reduction to transform the look and feel of your body.


Some shapewear is so good that it works for almost any occasion! Pick your shapewear depending on the area you are targeting and wear it under any outfit, whether for work, play or dress-up.

Corsets and waist trainers: we’ve already mentioned how effective these shapers are under professional, workout and casual attire. They flatter every body type (who doesn’t want a slimmer waist and a flat belly?). For the best results, we recommend wearing this style of garment every day! Latex waist trainers are versatile and fun and are perfect for waist training beginners as well as for workouts. If you want to get a more dramatic shape, step up your waist training regimen with a steel-boned corset.

Shaping panties: You will be wearing panties anyway, so why not wear some that are working to enhance your shape? Most shaping panties are designed to slim and smooth the waistline and control the lower abdomen, effectively preventing muffin tops and eliminating love handles. They can be worn with pants, dresses or skirts. Some also provide hip and upper thigh control and butt enhancement, so you have an all-over win!

All-over shapers: with the right shapewear you can target all of your problem areas without feeling stiff or encumbered. Choose a flexible body shaper which targets the midsection and thighs and features removable straps so you can customize it by the amount of support you need and the style you are wearing.

No matter what occasion you’re dressing for and what your body type is, there’s a shaping solution that can meet your needs. We recommend that you carry a variety of shapers in your wardrobe so you’ll be prepared to look your best in any outfit.