Waist Training For Beginners

Waist Training is Different from Corsets

Corsets are built with hard metal steel bones while waist trainers are made with flexible steel bones that adjust to the curvature of your body - hence they can be used for many hours in a day without causing harm to your body. It doesn’t have the strength to move your bones and your organs – all it does is disburses the fat in your midriff.

Order the Perfect Size and Torso Length

Everyone’s bodies are a different shape and size so make sure to get the right size for you. At Superwaisted, our beginner waist trainer, LOLLIPOP is shorter in length when compared to DUCHESS, which is the advanced waist trainer. This is because it should sit comfortably on the body of an unseasoned waist trainee while also giving considerable support.

Take note that your waistline should be smaller when you’re wearing the waist trainer, than when you are not wearing the waist trainer. It needs to be tight in order to mould your body and it’s normal to be difficult to put on at the beginning of your waist training journey.

Beginner Waist Training Tip

You’re going to wanna wear a think tank top underneath your waist trainer when your first start off to start as a barrier. This protects the waist trainer so you won’t have to wash it as frequently. The tank top will absorb the sweat from your day so that you don’t need to over-wash the waist trainer.

Wear the tank top to also avoid skin irritation from friction that might occur from movement throughout the day.

First Day of Waist Training

If it’s your first day, you’re going to want to start in the morning because your stomach is going to be the flattest right when you wake up. Ideally, don’t wear it at night because it’s going to be a day's worth of food that you will be trying to fit into the trainer and it might get uncomfy.

On the first day, you should ease into the training by wearing the waist trainer for only 2 hours. Then slowly and gradually, you will be able to work up to wearing it for 8 hours a day.

Waist Training Should Never Be Painful

It will be uncomfortable in the first couple of weeks and you will have sore spots as your body adjusts to the compression, yes, but it shouldn’t be unbearably painful while you try to ride it out. The key is to stay safe and be aware of your bodily changes. Remember to also do everything at your own pace.

Waist Training with SUPERWAISTED

Our beginner corset, LOLLIPOP was crafted for the beginner with all your comfort and worries taken into consideration. You not only get the waist trainer when you begin training with you, but you also get a community of SUPERGIRLS who are ready to share tips, show progress, and hype each other up. We also have a team that is ready to answer any queries you might have – so come train with us!