Waist Training for Plus Size WOMEN: A Superwaisted How To Guide

The ideal body aesthetic now not only belongs to the skinny Victoria’s Secret models circa 2013 but has become more inclusive, and we’re here for it!


Think Ashley Graham and her iconic movement putting plus size women on the map. We love women of all sizes. In fact any woman with confidence has the power to change the world around her, just like a Supergirl.

Contrary to popular belief, waist trainers are effective and works on all body types so this should ease your worries and instead start easing into the waist training journey. For plus size women, there's no need to be discouraged with your weight loss journey. In fact, achieving an hourglass figure could even be easier with your beautiful existing curse! Soon enough your friends will be green with envy at how quick you achieve results!


We’ve done the research so you don’t have to. Here are our findings that further support your consideration to invest in one:

1. Effective for All Body Types

The uniquely aggressive Superlatex material we use on our waist trainers cinches in your waist without harm. It targets unwanted fats and impurities within your body, giving an instant slimming effect upon first wear.


There have been safety concerns and myths circling around regarding waist trainers and more traditionally, corsets. Fret not, in this case the waist trainer is a premium quality lightweight latex soft material that is gentle to skin without compromising its use.

3. Lose Inches off your jeans

Our customers have noticed a drastic difference in their jeans sizes after only 2 weeks to a month of constant wear without major diet changes. This could be you too! Good Luck!


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