Waist Training for the Modern Woman

Superwaisted Lolipop Pink Latex Waist Trainer from Superwaisted.com 

Times are changing and so are our desires. The modern woman knows what she wants in ALL aspects of her life, and continuous self improvement remains at the top of this list. Whether it be mindset or personal health, its undeniable that our body image can impact our self confidence. Especially with social media being a massive part of all our lives, we are constantly in search of WAYS TO BE 100% CONFIDENT IN OUR OWN SKIN.

Research shows that there has been a steady increase of Google Searches on ‘How to Achieve An Hourglass Figure’ ever since the Kardashians appeared on television and the rise of Instagram models. There are now countless fitness Youtube Videos that supposedly help with this.. but they require a long time for results to show. Contrary to our brand mission statement to empower women and enhance your natural beauty, we’re here to teach you ladies how to incorporate a waist trainer to your lives – to EASILY achieve the HOURGLASS body figure you desire with our SuperwaistedTM Technology instantly!

Waist trainers work similarly to corsets, which were highly popular in the olden days but super uncomfortable and restrictive. Our Superwaisted waist trainers are a risk-free shaping accessory that shows instant results – and most importantly, IS SUPER COMFORTABLE & fits like a glove! Made of unique aggressive latex material, Superwaisted was designed to target fats and impurities, improve posture and blends under clothing seamlessly.

Benefits of A Superwaisted Waist Trainer from Superwaisted.com


Myth or Fact?

The Superwaisted Waist Trainer delivers Instant Slimming Effect : FACT.

You immediately take 3-7CM OFF upon wearing our Superwaisted Waist Trainer.

Made of premium quality lightweight latex, the comfortable Superwaisted waist trainers are stretchable while it works on your waist slimming. Fret not, the ALL NEW breathable design keeps your body cool during wear, it feels as if it is not even there. Suitable for all skin types, including sensitive skin.

Upon incorporating the Superwaisted waist trainer in your daily life, your natural waist size will remain slimmer than before, even if you decide to take a break from wearing it. It is indeed a long term slimming booster. For the modern women who are also fitness lovers, a waist trainer can speed up waist slimming goals. Plenty of women keep their waist trainers on during exercise to promote their metabolism rate as well as train their body to maintain a slimmer figure overtime.

A true testament that ‘Superwaisted is here to help you 'LOOK better, FEEL better and BE better.’ Soon, you might be THE next Instagram model out there with the small-waist dream come true.

Alternatively, for family starters, most post partum baby mama’s naturally experience some evidence of loose skin from all the belly growth produced to nurture newborn babies. In this instance, a waist trainer can replace the traditional ways of ‘wrapping’ and tighten the waist area in a more efficient way and provide extra support to reduce pain and discomfort after childbirth.


“According to a study from the International Journal of Gynaecology and Obstetrics, women who wore a waist support garment after a cesarean delivery experienced less pain and bleeding than those who did not wear one.” This shows all the more reason to try a waist trainer out, it will pay off NOW and LATER.



Infographic from Superwaisted.com

Now that we know how to properly wear a waist trainer collectively, there is NO REASON that we shouldn't start our slimming journey to feel more beautiful in our own skin now. Our Superwaisted waist trainers come in different sizes to tailor to every woman’s body type. Feel free to ask us for help finding your perfect fit! 

We hope after reading this article, YOU as a MODERN WOMAN has become more enlightened with the benefits and methods of incorporating the Superwaisted waist trainer in your life! Time to join the Supergirl Club today by purchasing our premium edition lollipop pink latex waist trainer HERE

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