Waist Training Results

If you’re completely new to waist training, it’s normal to be a little curious and maybe even a little sceptical about how well it works. Is it really possible to slim down your waistline simply by wearing a band around your waist? Actually yes—that's exactly what happens as soon as you put on a waist trainer. Some high-compression waist trainers instantly shrink your waistline by up to four inches! But what about when you take the garment off? That's a whole different side of waist training. There are a lot of nuances that can affect your long-term waist training experience.

If you’re new to waist training and wondering what to expect and how effective your experience will be, here are some possibilities.

Making the most out of the waist training experience

Like many health and fitness practices, what you get out of waist training largely depends on what you put into it. First, we recommend doing your homework about which waist trainer, or combination of waist trainers, is going to be right for you. Factors to consider include your size and shape, your lifestyle, and your slimming goals. The most important thing is that your waist trainer fits correctly.

making the most out of the waist training experience

Once you have the ideal waist trainer and have confirmed that it is a great fit, the next step is to wear it—often. For the best results, we recommend wearing a waist trainer for at least eight hours a day.

what to expect

What to expect

Eight hours a day may sound daunting at first, especially since you may find it a bit uncomfortable the first time you try your waist trainer on. But don’t worry; it’s a practice you can learn slowly. We recommend starting out wearing your waist trainer for just an hour or two and then incrementally adding a little more time each day. This gives your waist trainer the opportunity to get seasoned, and it also gives your body the opportunity to adjust to the way it feels. You can take breaks if you need to; skip a day once a week when you first start out if you want, or break up your wear into two shorter sessions on the same day. Generally, with dedication, most people are able to comfortably wear their waist trainer from 8–12 hours a day after about a month.

eating habbits matter

Eating habits matter

The way to make your waist training experience most effective is to complement your waist trainer use with proper diet and exercise. If this is personally a challenge for you, remember that you can make incremental changes in this area as well. In fact, wearing the waist trainer can even motivate you as you start to see results.

  • Drink more water instead of caffeine and sweetened beverages.
  • Eat more whole ingredients and less processed foods and sugar.
  • Consume smaller portions (which you’ll want to do when wearing a waist trainer anyway).
  • Aim to work out 4–5 days a week, including both cardio and core-strengthening exercises.

All of these factors working together are what create the most powerful results during a waist training regimen.

when to expect results

When to expect results?

This is one of the most frequent questions we receive: “How long until I see results?” We can’t put an exact number on how or when you will see results, because each person is different. But we must emphasize that if you trust the process and stick with it, you’re going to be happy that you did. The best way to know if your waist training routine is working is to track your progress. We don’t recommend watching the pounds on the scale terribly closely, as this can be misleading (especially if you’re building more muscle mass through your workout routine). Instead, we recommend taking waist measurements and progress photos.

Take a picture of your waistline without your waist trainer at least monthly, if not weekly. Try to wear the same outfit and take your photo in the same light and angle, at the same time of day. Photos and measurements don’t lie, and we’re pretty confident you’ll be pleased with what you’ll see. One thing we don’t recommend is comparing your waist training results to someone else’s. While we love it when women inspire each other, everyone’s experience is different. Lifestyle, shape, size, goals and even genetics are all factors that generate different experiences and results.

Having said that, we do love showcasing just how effective waist training can be with our customers’ results and you can see a plethora of before and afters on our Superwaisted Instagram account.