What Are Waist Trainer Benefits And Cons? How To Use It Properly?

If you are a true fashion follower, you definitely have heard of waist trainers - as known as corsets. This item helps you to get an hourglass body with a very sexy waist in a short time without doing hardcore exercise. However, a lot of studies showed that: Besides the very awesome effects, it can cause serious damage to the body when used improperly. If you want to know the waist trainer benefits and cons, let’s find out below with us.

The origin of waist trainers

The first images of the waist trainer have recorded around 2000 BC when a woman in Crete island, Greece wore them underneath as a bra. In addition to the aesthetic use, honoring the wearer's physique, people believed that wearing a waist trainer also had health benefits, helping to correct scoliosis and shape the upper body. At that time, both men and women wore waist trainers. 

The origin of waist trainers

In the early XVI century, the waist trainer was seen as a symbol of nobility and luxury. This is because the Medici de'Catherine, the wife of King Henry II, of France banned people with large waists from attending important events. Meanwhile, a waist trainer helped to make the waist smaller, the more expensive it would be. However, when the French Revolution took place in 1789, these corsets gradually disappeared due to the struggle of women to free their bodies from restrictive clothing. If you want to know the waist trainer benefits and cons, explore right below with us!

Waist trainer benefits and cons

It is undeniable that a waist trainer gives you the body you've always dreamed of in a short period. However, you also need to be aware that this item can bring you unwanted side effects. 

Waist trainers benefits

Get in shape fast

Body shaping is definitely the most obvious advantage of waist trainers. Just by wearing this belt for a short time, you will see a noticeable effect, especially with the waist area. Not only that, but the smaller your waist also makes your buttocks and breasts feel fuller. Especially for women after giving birth, this belt will be a “lifesaver” to quickly get back in shape like before pregnancy, and at the same time improve the sagging of the breasts. In addition, the waist trainer also somewhat makes you less likely to feel like you want to eat more food while wearing it. Therefore, you will limit a significant amount of calories in your body.

Reduce spine pain

In addition to helping your body become slimmer, what effect does a waist belt give you? Normally when you wear the waist trainer, you always have to stand up straight. This prevents your spine from hunching or curving. Since then, spinal pain has also improved significantly. 

Waist trainer benefits and cons

Cons of the waist trainers

If you use the waist trainer correctly, it will bring you very effective uses, and if not, it will bring you serious damage.

Adverse effects on internal organs

The pressure from the waist trainer, especially after eating causes the food contained in the stomach to back up into the esophagus, adversely affecting the digestive process, causing heartburn, bloating, gas...

Not to mention, the pressure from the waist belt will also damage the liver, spleen, and kidneys.

Adverse effect on rib structure 

Wearing a waist trainer for a long time makes the rib structure is deformed, tightening the lungs and making the volume of the abdominal cavity narrow, hindering the breathing process. That's why people who use abdominal belts often feel short of breath and lose strength easily. Even many people have irregular breathing, are prone to lack oxygen, and faint while exercising.

Adverse effect on the skin

This product also causes rashes, pimples on the abdomen and back, due to cramped, secretive, hot and sweaty, obstructing blood circulation, but does not make belly fat disappear. Wounds due to a cesarean section of women are also slow to heal, causing increased blood circulation and vasodilation.

How to use the waist trainer properly?

If you already get knowledge about waist trainer benefits and cons, you may want to know how to wear it properly. 

  • We should use the waist trainer in the morning, combined with exercise. Limit wearing in the evening and do not wear after eating.
  • Do not use for women giving birth by cesarean section, people with gastric reflux, indigestion.
  • Should be aware that waist trainers can not bring you the abs line, you need a healthy diet, combined with exercise if you want to have abs. Complete fat loss must be based on the calorie-burning mechanism.
  •  Do not wear the waist trainer too tight. If you feel irritation on your stomach skin, difficulty breathing, difficulty walking, you need to remove the belt immediately.
  • Should increase the time of wearing a waist trainer gradually so that the body gets used to this. You can first wear it for a period of 2-3 hours/day, then gradually increase to 4-5 hours.
  • A waist trainer contacts directly with your skin, so you need to clean it as a shirt. Wash your waist trainer frequently after 2 - 3 times using.

How to use the waist trainer properly?

Hope you fully understand waist trainer benefits and cons. Basically, it helps reduce the waist, belly fat, enhance the chest, butty size, and help shape the spine, as well as how to use the belly belt most effectively. But if you use it in the wrong way, it will affect your body's health, so you need to pay attention to this.