What Is The Referral Candy Program?

Ever wondered how else Superwaisted could benefit you aside from providing safe and reliable waist trainers, body goal tips, and a beautiful community of Supergirls? Well, today is your lucky day! We would like to introduce you to the Referral Candy Program, a program that allows you to earn cold, hard CASH from introducing us to your friends and family!

So, how does this happen? It’s easy! All you need to be is our customer and have made a purchase from us. Once you communicate with us that you would like to join our program via Instagram DMs, you will be given your own personalized referral link and code so that you can earn a token of money when you successfully promote our waist trainers to a second customer.

How much are we talking? You will receive an RM60 commission with every new customer you successfully refer to make a purchase with us. And what’s in it for your referees? They will be able to enjoy a discount of RM30 with their purchase! All they need to do is use the referral link that you were provided with upon joining the program.

Use this opportunity to earn the money that you’ve spent on the Superwaisted waist trainer back again! The more people you refer, the higher the profit!