Where To Find Waist Trainers In Malaysia?

When you first discover the world of waist training, you might be surprised at just how many options are readily available to you. However, in Malaysia, there is a tendency to be a little more wary of who you might want to buy your next waist trainer from as you might be unfamiliar with what to look for in a waist trainer. Aside from that, you might not know whether the seller you are purchasing from is retulable or whether the quality of the waist trainer is up to standard. 

Well, to make it easier for you, here is a list of things you should look out for when you are looking to find your first or next waist trainer:

Approaches to Waist Training

Before we get into the different styles and types of shapewear or waist trainers, let’s define what waist training even is. Whenever you hear the term “waist training”, it may refer to several different approaches to practice in regards to slimming your waist.

Approaches to Waist Training

You can wear a waist slimming garment as shapewear. Someone may say that they are “waist training” by wearing a high compression slimming garment under their clothing. While this is a great way to encourage a slimmer waist in a short span of time and to fit better under certain clothes, we don’t actually refer to this as following or having a “waist training” practice.

You could also wear a slimming garment during workouts by wearing a specific type of waist trainer to get a more effective burn during your workouts. Via the compression, the waist trainer will stimulate thermal activity in your core and help you sweat more in the area. You will be able to feel the increased intensity of your workout without manually exerting more effort.

Finally, you could also wear a waist slimming garment as part of a daily regimen. This is THE most effective way to wear and get results from wearing a waist trainer. You can follow a daily waist training practice to complement an overall healthy lifestyle with the intention to slim your waist. This is the ideal, and our favorite approach to waist training because it is an all-inclusive practice; you get great shaping results and can also incorporate healthy eating and a workout routine to give you excellent results!

With these approaches in mind, let us go into the different types of waist trainers that you can use.

Different types of Waist Trainers and Cinchers

Everyday waist trainers: these waist slimming garments are ideal whether you want to practice waist training daily or want to wear waist-slimming shapewear as per when you want it. They are typically constructed with latex, which provides you with all-day maximum compression. This results in a slimmer waist, a flat tummy and midsection, bust support and a straighter back.

Different Types of Waist Trainers and Cinchers

Latex waist trainers are also usually fastened with hook-and-eye closures at the front of the garment. They can come with two or three rows of hooks so that you can achieve a custom fit and then size down when needed as you make progress.

Some alternative styles that can be beneficial based on your preference include latex-free waist trainers if you have a skin sensitivity, a vest style with shoulder straps and additional upper back coverage, and styles designed for plus-sized or petite women.

Workout bands: these waist trainers are designed specifically for working out. They are slightly different than everyday waist trainers because they are typically shorter and are constructed to be extra durable. This allows you more freedom of movement during exercise and ensures that you won’t damage the garment during rigorous activity. While workout bands are typically constructed with the same hook-and-eye closures as everyday waist trainers, they can sometimes have velcro closures for easy putting on and taking off.

Steel-boned corsets: you may not think of wearing a corset for waist training, but this traditional style of garment is actually the original way waist training was practiced! They can be very effective for everyday waist training (although we do not recommend using them during workouts).

Corsets are different than latex waist trainers because they provide compression through tight lacing and steel boning in the bodice. They are fastened in the back. When tightened fully, they can create a classic cinch at the natural waist that creates a dramatic hourglass effect. It’s also important to take note that corsets aren’t as safe and body-friendly as waist trainers and long term use may lead to serious bodily harm.

The best everyday Waist Trainers

Lucky for you, Superwaisted waist trainers exist in Malaysia! We aim to provide durable, safe and aesthetically pleasing waist trainers that creative amazing and life-changing results.

The Best Everyday Waist Trainers

Lollipop Waist Trainer: Made of latex and ideal for beginners. Comes in the colours pink and black to suit your aesthetic. Super Slimming Super Pink Super Waist Trainer for the everyday Supergirl!

Easy to use and highly durable premium waist trainer that could be used throughout the entire day. You can even pair it with your everyday outfits to add that Super Sexy and Slimming Curvy Effect!

Duchess Waist Trainer: Made of latex and is ideal for the advanced waist trainee. Also comes in black and pink to suit your individuality. It's for the Supergirls who've already gotten acquainted with our beginner waist trainers (ie. Lollipop) and want to take their waist-snatching to a whole new level.



  • For beginner level
  • Short bodice
  • Short corset cut
  • 9 steel bones
  • Lightweight
  • No hip panels
  • Lower back support
  • Can be worn for up to 8 hours
  • For intermediate/advanced level
  • Long bodice
  • Underbust full corset cut
  • Up to 13 steel bones
  • Slightly weighty
  • Has hip panels for extra curve
  • Full back support 
  • Can be worn for up to 8 hours

So if your question is still, “Where can I find waist trainers in Malaysia?”, it’s over here at Superwaisted! We’re based in Kuala Lumpur but will get your waist trainer to you no matter where you are!