We know that with the large selection of waist trainers on the market these days that you might stumble across our page and wonder, “why Superwaisted?”. Well, we’re here to help you solve that little conundrum. Here’s a list of things that set Superwaisted apart from other waist trainer brands;
1. Firm elasticity - compared to a lot of other brands, our waist trainers are both stretchy and firm. This ensures that they hold shape even over time. They also don’t fold or bunch up when you’re working out and act as a good back support. This increases the longevity of your waist trainer!
2.  Sturdy and strong hook band - our sturdy hook bands ensure that your waist trainer is firmly held and won’t undo itself even through vigorous activity, which is essential for when you work out.
3. Sturdy and curvy steelbones to accentuate figure - most other waist trainers use  soft and straight steelbones which ultimately don’t hold shape as they follow the shape of whichever body the waist trainer is on. However, Superwaisted uses sturdy and curvy steelbones that give you an hourglass figure from the get go. This means an instant cinched in look.
4. Smooth and breathable material - our material won’t give you a rash or trap sweat which are both things that ultimately lead to discomfort surrounding your waist trainer experience, leaving you put off from the whole journey.
5. Aesthetically pleasing - Superwaisted is cute as heck! Our black trainer is sleek and sophisticated while the pink one is so cute you’ll want to have it on all the time 😋
Rest assured that we have got your back (literally) in your journey to a healthier, happier, sexier self - snatched waist and all.