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Why SUPERWAISTED Is the Best Christmas Gift

Want to give the special woman in your life a gift for the holidays but you don’t know just what yet, here is your sign from the Universe to get her a SUPERWAISTED WAIST TRAINER! Why? Well, because… It will help her achieve her new year’s fitness goals When it comes to stepping foot into a new year, everyone has a single shared resolution; to get fitter and healthier. Getting her a waist trainer will be the catalyst/booster for her fitness journey. SUPERWAISTED isn’t just a waist trainer, having one means that you have access to fitness tips, a community to help motivate you, healthy advice and more! It’s a thoughtful gift Make her feel loved and cared for. If...

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Memakai Pelatih Pinggang Selepas Bersalin

Kebanyakkan wanita inginkan badan ramping selepas mengandung. Alat yang dapat membantu dapatkan badan ramping yang diimpikan ialah bengkung atau pelatih pinggang. Pelbagai budaya menggunakan alat pelatih pinggang selepas bersalin untuk mendapat bentuk badan yang ideal dan mengurangkan lemak. Jadi, adakah ia berkesan? Selepas Bersalin Pengekalan air dalam dua minggu pertama setelah melahirkan adalah lebih teruk daripada ketika anda hamil. Biasanya, perlukan kira-kira dua minggu untuk menghilang. Memakai pelatih pinggang boleh mempercepat proses melegakan pengekalan air. Memulihkan Keyakinan Dari segi berasa konfiden semula, memakai korset selepas bersalin sangat membantu dalam memulihkan keyakinan anda. Ketika memakai korset, anda akan sentiasa rasa cantik. Fungsi Esensi Bengkung sangat baik untuk kehidupan selepas bersalin. Ia membantu untuk meyokong pelvis, pinggul dan peha anda. Ia juga...

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Postpartum Waist Training: What You Need to Know

The thing most women want post pregnancy is their pre-baby bodies back. A tool that can help with that is the waist trainer. Postpartum waist training has been used for centuries across many cultures using different materials, but in modern day has been made popular in the mainstream western-influenced culture when many famous Hollywood mamas have sworn by them to bounce back from their pregnancies. Kim Kardashian, Jessica Alba and Ciara are just some of the famous names who rage about postpartum waist training. So, does it work?   Immediately Post-birth Water retention during the first week after giving birth is even worse than when you’re pregnant. It takes about two weeks to dissipate. Wearing a waist trainer may help...

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